Virtual Realtiy, Better than Real?--Balloon Rides

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Virtual Realtiy, Better than Real?--Balloon Rides

Post by bobbo_the_Pragmatist » Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:17 pm

I've been researching building my own VR computer for the Vive set up. all in: about $2000 which is fine if "it opens up a whole new world" which I have been anticipating for 20 years now. And now that its here: meh.

Most of the cost/complexity is due to the gaming crowd...and games don't interest me, but the lower tech 3D movies and 360 Degree movies are not well covered.

Well...a week ago I saw a 3D demo of a guy flying a remote model airplane...I think its actually a game rather than a video...and it looked like more fun than the real thing: no hassle getting the plane to start, or losing it, crashing it and so forth......AND IT LOOKED LIKE FUN.

Now..just yesterday I'm watching the 4K Travel channel on Pluto TV and I see some wonderful pictures of Hot Air Balloons over Angor Wat. And I'm thinking: bet that is GREAT IN 3d! So....I'm going to pop pretty soon for a high resolution smart phone and a 3D headset/google cardboard. Don't need the expense g-meter or gyro....just the big screen, high resolution, and low latency of a $200 smart phone.

then, for grins I googled and got: ... siem-reap/ ... Only $125 for a balloon ride. Very Cheap.....Its now on my bucket list along with Cappadocia. The only real cost is getting there...........and then............if VR is really worth trip could pay for the top end VR system???

The future is so bright, but I gotta wear (VR) goggles. Pluto TV is worth the install: switching between 4K videos and Simon Templar the Saint. Nice corny show. ((I'm off cable right now and using a 1Mbs dsl line. Works way better than I think it should?

(((Lots of repetitive ads on Pluto causing me to surf a lot. Betty Boop Cartoons: better than whats on today)))
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