How people deny hate crimes

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Re: How people deny hate crimes

Postby Angel » Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:44 am

scrmbldggs wrote:
Angel wrote:It just came to me~ how many of u
hate what I post because u buy into
subliminal messaging and I use words
like God ~ I am ~ Jesus ~ love ~ truth...?

Nah, any possible dislike is probably based on where it is (quite explicitly, lol) posted.

(ETA I'm pretty sure you are aware you're posting on a board not only not dedicated to spiritual ideas, but rather engaged in disproving them. And I don't know what makes you think that "love" and "truth" are disliked?)

Ps~ I won't hate u but I will forget u ~
right after I forgive u for being so
(what's the word I'm looking for?)
for wanting me to hate u. lol

Have got no clue what the word might be. Prolly cos I don't want you to hate. Me, or others. Including yourself. :-D

True love & absolute truth as they r
extremes that I have yet to see anybody
accomplish. Achieve and maintain thus
making it a thing of faith that they even
exist in this world. How can people be so
cruel to each other then say they love
each other? I do not understand the things
people just accept as a way of life.
Final Warning *bell rings*
Next step ~ names ~ addresses ~ ID's
They will know you
as I am known. I 4 a I lol
Has A Nice Day :lol: <3

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Re: How people deny hate crimes

Postby scrmbldggs » Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:48 am

Accept all of us as the animals we are. It explains a lot.

Lard, save me from your followers.

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