How people deny hate crimes

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Re: How people deny hate crimes

Postby Angel » Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:44 am

scrmbldggs wrote:
Angel wrote:It just came to me~ how many of u
hate what I post because u buy into
subliminal messaging and I use words
like God ~ I am ~ Jesus ~ love ~ truth...?

Nah, any possible dislike is probably based on where it is (quite explicitly, lol) posted.

(ETA I'm pretty sure you are aware you're posting on a board not only not dedicated to spiritual ideas, but rather engaged in disproving them. And I don't know what makes you think that "love" and "truth" are disliked?)

Ps~ I won't hate u but I will forget u ~
right after I forgive u for being so
(what's the word I'm looking for?)
for wanting me to hate u. lol

Have got no clue what the word might be. Prolly cos I don't want you to hate. Me, or others. Including yourself. :-D

True love & absolute truth as they r
extremes that I have yet to see anybody
accomplish. Achieve and maintain thus
making it a thing of faith that they even
exist in this world. How can people be so
cruel to each other then say they love
each other? I do not understand the things
people just accept as a way of life.
To be or not to be?
To believe or
Not to believe?
To be live or
Not to be live?
To exist or
Not to exist?
What was the question?

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Re: How people deny hate crimes

Postby scrmbldggs » Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:48 am

Accept all of us as the animals we are. It explains a lot.

Lard, save me from your followers.

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