Wit and Wonder…..

Read any good books lately?
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Wit and Wonder…..

Post by nmblum88 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:51 pm

'The Roman Guide to Slave Management," … great, small, inventive novel that purports to me the philosophical rumination of one Marcus Sidonius Falx, elderly Roman nobleman, on the best way to busy, breed, and train one's slaves.
Flax is full of haughty advice to both those new to the care and feeding of slaves, and those who are not really good at it, either spoiling their human possessions by expecting too little of them ("they are not nearly as stupid as they pretend to be') or failing to get enough work out of the because of unnecessarily brutal management…
The author, Jerry Toner, is a serious classicist of some note, and his mixture of fact with his satiric fiction has been just delicious on a nice, leisurely summer morning…
Loved it…..

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