In Faith and In Doubt

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In Faith and In Doubt

Post by Lausten » Tue Aug 05, 2014 5:29 pm

I'm half way through this new book by Dale McGowan but I confident the 2nd half will be just as good. It is a study of relationships with one believer one non. He starts off with general info from recent studies about belief. These studies are finally doing what I've always wanted, asking people what they ACTUALLY believe, not just to check a box for their denomination or a yes/no for evolution. The good news is, most people don't match up with what their denomination says. No explanation yet for why they keep going to church, but anyway.

It then gets in to stories of some actual relationships, and they each pretty fascinating. There is a reality TV show waiting to happen here. He also did his own study for the book, which I participated in. No, I'm not one of the stories, so you don't get to peek into my personal life. Also good news, it is pretty much a myth that mixing beliefs is hard on marriage, at least in these "modern" times. Probably promulgated by religious leaders who want to keep their head counts up and indoctrinate all the children.

Buy it now, get it up on the best seller's list. Tell your friends with believer spouses.
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