Far from the chimneys……..

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Far from the chimneys……..

Post by nmblum88 » Wed Jun 11, 2014 5:21 pm

… and the dark smoke, and the odor of burning flesh, and 70 years after the fact, still harrowing, and still inexplicable: what to the Jews is "the Shoah," the catastrophe after which no matter what, our expectations for the possibilities inherent in this life will never be the same: no material success, no fleeting personal happiness will ever overcome the image of the curling smoke coming out of the ominous chimneys.

But we do, it's only human, persist in looking for explanations in order to make the terrifyingly unfathomable into something that can be comprehended by, encompassed by the human mind: completely mechanized, planned and executed …DEATH.
And reserved for the relatively few: CHOSEN for just such a privilege by the technologically proficient and morally superior Christian world.

So I spent all day yesterday and much of this morning, continuing a lifelong and morbid pursuit, by reading the recently published "Why the Germans? Why the Jews: Envy, Race Hatred, and the Prehistory of the Holocaust," by Gotz Aly….
Nothing about the statistics, and the death camp geographies that seem to to captivate thee Holocaust experts who post here with such relish on all sides, but the history and the resultant character that led the arguably most cultured, most literate nation in Western Europe with its symbiotic relationship with the Jews who had lived among them for centuries tear off its lamina of civilization at the cost of destroying itself and most all of Europe from the Atlantic to beyond the Caucases
Quite a story… and a caveat to a world not yet prepared to listen.
(And while I''m at it, anyone interested might want to buy or rent a film by the German auteur, philosopher and above all moralist "the White Ribbon," , a remarkable work of filmic fiction, parable that deals, but less directly with the same subject matter: does man go from seeking to improve his moral perspective to turning savage overnight? Or is it a longer process, that left unimpeded by other circumstance or lack of introspection turn virulent?)

And at breakfast a visiting friend, by some coincidence, presented me with his own day's reading L "the Ambiguity of Virtue: Gertrude van Tjin and the Fate of the Dutch Jews," by Bernard Wasserstein…
Scholarship to make one envious and heavy hearted at the same time: good, belated job, that tries to corroborate the value of friendship and love in the worst imaginable times….
But the bottom line is that that humans are complicated, that suffering does NOT purify, and that we are certainly capable of many cruel and terrible acts (thoughts do not really count) that lead to even more of them.
Bu there awe are: we survive our worst impulses, and they mystery of how and why persists.
Perhaps because more of us are salvageable than otherwise.
But who knows?
At least we don't know yet…
We don't even know if science is capable of providing clues if not answers.

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