Atheist Manifesto

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Atheist Manifesto

Postby No God Cowboy » Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:36 pm

I just found "The Atheist Manifesto" "The Case Against Christianity, Judaism and Islam" cr 2007, 08, and 11, by French philosopher Michael Onfray @ my favorite used book store, "Recycled Books & Tapes" on the square in Denton, Texas. Denton's the home of University of North Texas and Texas Women's University, as well as the Denton Atheist Meet Up group of which I am the co-founder. Onfray's work in translated from the original French and I feel it's a must read for any escapee, recent or old, from either myth. It's a slow, contemplative read requiring a good amount of thought. It's the source of much counter-argument against either and all three at once and a work I heartily recommend.

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