Movies Rated Poor - That are worth a look.

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Movies Rated Poor - That are worth a look.

Postby bobbo_the_Pragmatist » Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:34 pm

I've been holding off watching "The Ledge" from its tag line and from the One Star Review. But I caught it last night and was thoroughly absorbed by it. The set up is a bit contrived...I mean imagine a psycho born again fundamentalist? So...after that improbable, the plot/theme held together pretty well.

In my youth, I had contact with many quite desirable women....but if they were married or even in a steady positive relationship, I treated them as totally off limits. Polite but not even engaging them. Steady and a bad relationship?...I approached to assess the goods..... found a few.

but in any of those situations, go after another person's significant other.... and you are opening yourself up to the vagaries of the other person. Its a risk.... sometimes ending in more than harsh words....but I found suspicious and accusatory spoused even with my more than pristine standards and conduct.

I think the guy actually wanted to he took the high road as part of it,
otherwise the existential principle would apply: "you" are not responsible for what other people do. That theme was not examined But a good flick in my opinion.
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