Rapture - 23rd September 2015

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Re: Rapture - 23rd September 2015

Postby Upton_O_Goode » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:51 pm

Sushisnake wrote:
Nobrot wrote:There are quite a few 'groups' out there who promise to take care of the pets of those recently Raptured. I still can't decide whether they are a piss take or quite genuine.

A typical example: http://aftertherapturepetcare.com/

This is what will happen for all pets registered with us immediately after the Rapture:
Our non-Christian administrators will activate our rescue plan.
Volunteers will be alerted immediately by email and telephone that they have been activated.
Pets will be assigned to our Volunteer Pet Caretakers based upon location and other factors.

And from the FAQ
Isn’t the world going to be totally collapsed after the Rapture?

When all the Christians on the planet disappear, there will certainly be massive confusion. However, the majority of people will still be on earth, and communications will be their first priority to maintain. Therefore, I believe it will not be a problem to coordinate activities to rescue and care for your pets. As far as the data about all registered pets, it is located on Google servers (the most secure servers in the world) as well as our own server in Lansing, Michigan (away from political and military hot spots to minimize chance of destruction if there is a post-Rapture war). The non-Christian administrators assigned to coordinate our efforts after we’re gone are also located in multiple locations, all with log in information.


Yes, I can see it now. All those selfless, good hearted dog walkers and cat sitters going about their day, feeding Fluffy quickly so they can walk Marmaduke and Pugsley on time and not arrive to find little presents on the carpet, ignoring the rivers of blood in the streets from the final battle between Good and Evil, not to mention the severed heads of all the atheists and wrong faithuns who wouldn't accept Christ as their personal saviour. We all get beheaded before eternal torment and damnation in the fiery pit of hell, you see. Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, did warn us first time around he comes with a sword, not to bring peace, remember.

I'm not sure where After The Rapture Pet Care got their information from, but their version kind of reminds me of the public service in Beetlejuice. It certainly wasn't in the bible. Perhaps they dozed off in front of the tele, bible in lap, Beetlejuice on the box.

Well, when one takes something like this seriously, it's necessary to work out the technical details of it. Something similar happens in the Summa Contra Gentiles of St. Thomas Aquinas. Given the resurrection of the body, he knows he has to explain how a person who has been a cannibal can be resurrected, since much of his body is the proper possession of his victims, who need it themselves to be resurrected. (Spoiler: He found an explanation.)
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