Fine Tuning and the Multiverse, V19 #3

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John Forester
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Fine Tuning and the Multiverse, V19 #3

Post by John Forester » Sat Sep 13, 2014 5:23 pm

I have always admired whatever of Prof. Stenger's work I have read, although I have read only the works whose mathematics I can evaluate. So, I approve of his latest, Fine Tuning and the Multiverse. But, in one sense, I question the necessity for such an effort. Surely there is a more parsimonious explanation in line with Ockham's razor?

Suppose that our universe were not fine tuned to allow us to live. We wouldn't be here to discuss the subject. So what? I see nothing impossible about that.

But it is true that we have come to life in a universe in which life is possible and in which life has evolved a toolmaking talking species. While the subject of fine tuning is obviously a reasonable part of physics that merits investigation, it becomes a socially significant subject only because some part of the talking population insists that our universe was created for the specific purpose of having mankind worship Jesus. (Or substitute any other unitarian, trinitarian, or polytheistic entity you desire.) All the universe, with its massively complex history, just to get that rather absurd result? That's laughable.

The parsimonious explanation is that the universe just occurred, and in some tiny point of it, at some tiny fraction of its duration, life evolved according to known, but not determined, processes to produce us.

If the universe did not suit life, we wouldn't be here to discuss the subject. But our universe permits life, and so we are here to discuss it. So what?

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