Duelling authors

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Duelling authors

Post by Paul_T » Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:47 am


I found Vol. 16, #4, thought provoking and informative, as usual.

In particular, as often happens in journals of commentary, we
see writers proffering conflicting analysis; viz. Armando's
Simon's "Pulp fiction UFO", and Michael Dahlen's review
"What's so great about Kant?"

According to Mr. Simon, the flying saucer phenomenon was
instigated by the drawings of Frank Paul, in science fiction
mags. Yes, by god, those blinking spaceships really did
violate the laws of Newtonian mechanics, as sworn by honest,
sane citizens!

Mr. Dahlen, meanwhile, argues vehemently in favor of the
reliability of human perception.

Skeptic might want to sponsor a lunch for them. With audio
recording, of course.

Paul Tanenbaum
Menlo Park, CA

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