woman cleared in shaken baby case

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woman cleared in shaken baby case

Postby psychiatry is a scam » Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:20 pm

Julie Baumer , served 4 years in prison / destroyed her life . was cleared 10/2010 - Michigan jury acquitted her in a 2nd trial .

big thing for me is the bsb doctor in the first trial - refused to admit he was wrong in the 2nd trial.

also because she was found not guilty she did not get any of the help that parolees get .
not even an apology .

just another extreme example of how rotten/bigoted the medical system is .
it not just bsb shrinks .

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Lance Kennedy
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Re: woman cleared in shaken baby case

Postby Lance Kennedy » Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:59 pm

Not rotten. Just in error. I started a thread some time back on the premise that 50% of all medical procedures have not been proven to work. The shaken baby syndrome is another error. It is now known that the physical signs of this may come from causes other than shaking the baby. Hopefully, that finding will lead to less injustice.

This is not the only time ignorance has led to people being found unjustly guilty. The classics include satanic cults, people being determined to be pedophiles on the basis of interrogating children too young to know what they are saying, and of course, recovered memory syndrome.

None of those guilty verdicts are rotten, or corrupt. Just based on ignorance of the real facts.

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