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Re: Favourite Quotes.

Postby Nikki Nyx » Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:49 pm

scrmbldggs wrote:
Nikki Nyx wrote:
scrmbldggs wrote:
Gawdzilla Sama wrote:The most common place to find a gun is under the sofa cushions.

[Offtopic] That might be changing... :roll:
I'd like to see 'em try it in Massachusetts. The law specifically prohibits private security at public schools; schools must go through the local police department. Not to mention, we're exceedingly protective of school zones. They'd all be arrested for bringing arms across the state line, failing to have valid MA gun licenses, endangering children, assault, and who knows what else.
My knowledge about various and regional gun laws is minimal, but seems as long as they stay off school grounds, they're quite free to do as they wish in many areas.
Sure. Alaska, for example, hardly has any gun regulation. There are no state permits required to purchase, carry concealed, and open carry. There are no restrictions or bans on "assault weapons," automatic weapons, or short-barreled shotguns and rifles. The only weapon that's banned is any firearm disguised in the form of a walking cane. 'Cause those are common. :roll:
scrmbldggs wrote:And the license issue might not be an issue for the MA Oath Keepers...
Probably not, but they're still prohibited by law from bringing weapons onto school grounds, including college campuses. And both local and state police would have a HUGE problem with them hanging around the edges of school properties, "patrolling." Especially since most schools are located in residential neighborhoods, which means you can't discharge a firearm anyway. :mrgreen:
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