Happy New Year 2018!!!

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Re: Happy New Year 2018!!!

Postby Nikki Nyx » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:00 pm

bobbo_the_Pragmatist wrote:Nikki: I like your floor planks. Long narrow tile always concerns me....getting the sub floor completely level so they don't crack. Usually not a problem.......unless it is.
I agree that's a concern. The planks are 6" x 24", so I'll have to be sure the sub-flooring is level. It would suck to have them all installed and see them start cracking.
bobbo_the_Pragmatist wrote:Over time, I've learned to go lighter in my paint and covering selections...but a bit of gray is good in the floor as it hides the dirt. Mom always said to pick colors that match the dirt in your area.
I tend to like warm, saturated colors. However, there are so many windows in my house that it's not overwhelming. And I'm planning white woodwork, which will make those colors really pop. (I'm going to coat the trim boards with several thin coats of appliance paint so I don't have to touch them up and they're easy to clean.)

bobbo_the_Pragmatist wrote:I don't see anyone making counters out of varnished/epoxied plain wood. all kinds of furniture, but not kitchen counters.
It's probably because that clear epoxy is expensive, and any other finish would make the counter prone to burns, chips, and cuts.
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