The "Opt Out" Usergroups

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The "Opt Out" Usergroups

Post by Pyrrho » Sun Sep 16, 2007 2:24 pm

For those who wish to disable display of any given section of the forum, you can join any of the "Opt Out" usergroups. Joining any "Opt Out" group will disable access to that section. For example, joining the "Opt Out Economics" group will hide the Economics section from your forum view and should prevent topics posted in Economics from appearing in the "View New Posts" and "View Active Topics" listings. Posts and active topics already in that list before you join a group will still appear.

Open the User Control Panel, click on Usergroups, and select the "Opt Out" group of your choice. Unfortunately the system only allows joining one group at a time--you can't select multiple groups to join simultaneously.

The "Opt Out" usergroups are public groups that anyone can join automatically. Members of any given group will be able to see who else is a member of the group.

You may receive an email informing you that you have joined a usergroup. If you leave a usergroup, you'll get another confirmation email.
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